What we do

Our North American Projects

Vibe Israel USA collaborates with North American Jewish organizations to help them share
Israel’s story with the Next Generation — by providing compelling narratives, training and virtual
content. For this content to be authentic, we believe it needs to be created in Israel and by
Israelis. Vibe Israel –our Tel Aviv-based partner – develops the material, and Vibe Israel USA
serves as an ambassador, providing curated content to North American audiences that help
paint a fuller picture of what Israel is all about and why the Next Gen should care.


Through these partnerships, Vibe Israel USA amplifies its message and helps keep young North
American Jews energized and inspired by Israel, while deepening their sense of Jewish identity
and peoplehood.


Vibe Israel USA focuses on training Israel professionals in North America on new forms of Israel
engagement, along with providing the content they need to do their jobs effectively. These
professionals share Israel’s story with their respective audiences. This strategy is designed to amplify positive messages about Israel exponentially.

Our Global Projects

Vibe Israel USA raises funds in North America to support Vibe Israel’s efforts to improve perceptions of young adults about Israel. Israel’s global reputation is intrinsically tied to the life experience of every Jew in the Diaspora. We partner with North American funders to support Vibe Israel’s projects and ensure a vibrant Jewish identity for young adults worldwide, and a strong connection between Israel and Jewish peoplehood.

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