The Unboxing Israel Summit

The Unboxing Israel Summit is Vibe Israel’s annual gathering for Israel professionals, funders, and volunteers to gather and learn how to share Israel’s story with the next generation. Held virtually in 2020 and 2021, we convened nearly 500 participants from all around the world. We provide practical tools and guidance interspersed with unexpected and fun experiences. Participants learn from the most current research on what the next gen thinks of Israel – and how to use that information to further their organization’s Israel goals.

Unboxing Israel Summit 2021

Unboxing Israel Summit 2020

I was SO IMPRESSED by the quality of the content, the cohesion of presentation, the emcee personality and overall awesome vibe of the program. You carry your organization’s name perfectly! Thank you for inspiring us! We the educators need that so much.


Director of Trip Operations, Passages


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